"Our recent business luncheon was a great success, thanks to your skilled catering staff! The planning process was effortless and the service was beyond compare.”
Nikki Shell
"You have exceeded our expectations once again! The food was wonderful, and delivered on time, as usual. Thank you for providing so much value for such a reasonable price!”
Donna Nelson
Barnes & Noble.com
"Westside Market offers fantastic food and great service at incredibly low prices. This family owned business really has it together. Their prepared foods department is terrific...I don't even have to cook anymore.”
Lisa F.
"Love this place! It's so easy just to grab a pre made lunch! Salads, sandwiches, soups, it's got it all…try eating lunch for less than ten bucks in the city!”
Anne C.
"I love Westside Supermarket! It's never too crowded…and I've never had to wait in line to purchase my food. They have everything I need…I love the cheese and the fresh bread. The desserts are good. The produce I've gotten has always been yummy. The checkout staff are amazingly nice. Also open 24 hrs, a huge perk.”
Elisabeth A.
Astoria, NY
"This place takes up a whole block and an avenue – from 14th to 15th and between 7th Avenue and 6th. The produce, fish, meat, dairy sections are extensive and they carry multiple versions from a variety of brands. From fresh tofu to pre-chopped onions, these guys got it. I've been here about six times and have never missed a single item on my list.”
Sav B.
"The produce prices here are really reasonable--I would definitely have eaten less fresh fruit without Westside's great bargains on strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Best of all, this market is open 24 hours, which came in handy quite a few times when yours truly was struggling in the wee hours with a problem set and/or paper and needed some grocery store therapy to get me through the night.”
Annie M.
San Francisco, CA
"I've walked by this market many times and finally stopped in "for a minute" to grab some juice. It reminded me so much of the organic food store I worked in when I was in high school, I instantly fell in love. There was a large assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a huge selection of natural and organic products.”
Moriah R.
"This is my favorite neighborhood market. Awesome cheese selection, very fresh and beautifully displayed produce. The little prepared food containers are awesome. I buy the turkey cranberry salad and whole wheat wraps to make little sandwiches at home. Everything is so fresh. The soups are delicious and cheap. I can't believe all of the deliciousness they cram into this space. Well done. It feels good to give a local business my business, especially if they're working hard for it.”
Scott H.